About Me

I became interested in osteopathy having developed my own neck and shoulder problems causing me pain, sleepless nights, time off work and left me unable to participate in activities I enjoyed. A friend recommended I visit an osteopath and I was amazed by how much-improved mobility and pain relief I experienced following a hands-on, osteopathic treatment.

This led me to question and research how osteopathy works. I began to recognise that retraining as an osteopath would provide me with an opportunity to combine several areas I’m passionate about; health, using my hands, problem-solving, helping and meeting people. In 2014 I began studying at The College of Osteopaths undertaking a five-year degree where I achieved 1st Class honours.

During my training, I studied human anatomy, biomechanics, physiology, pathology, nutrition and underwent 1200 hours of clinical training. I have implemented osteopathic care programmes for a diverse group of patients from children to the elderly within two separate clinics; Marylebone – London and Borehamwood – Hertfordshire.

I love spending time with my wife and son, we all share an interest in wildlife and enjoy taking country walks with our dogs, cooking and taking the occasional weekend break together. I am a keen football fan; I go fishing and am a member of my local gym.

I’m passionate about people, osteopathy and healthcare

During my work as an osteopath, I have treated people from all walks of life, including; office workers, plumbers, sportsmen/women, actors, electricians, film crew, pregnant women, builders, school children, General Practitioners, ex-serviceman and the retired.

People make my job interesting, my patients have varied nationalities, cultures, occupations, are from different generations and have unique personalities, medical histories and injuries.

As with all diseases, symptoms of muscle and joint injuries vary within each person. I view my job to be similar to a detective, considering you as an individual, I combine your case history and orthopaedic tests to diagnose and treat the cause of each problem, not just the symptoms.

Observing my patient’s health improve is what makes my job rewarding.

As a private healthcare practitioner, my non-rushed appointment times, allow me to provide you with optimal care. This permits me an appropriate amount of time to provide treatment, give you a clear understanding of your condition, deliver post-treatment care/rehabilitation advice and offer lifestyle/healthcare recommendations.